About AiT


What does it mean to Share the Feat?

We are athletes competing in cycling, running, and triathlon events. Athletics has improved all of our lives. We believe that people of all abilities can increase the quality of their lives from an active lifestyle and becoming a part of the community of outdoor recreational enthusiasts. We use our athletic skills and our knowledge of endurance training and racing, combined with adaptive equipment, to compete together in mainstream cycling and running events, and triathlons.

We compete and share together in the excitement of racing to bring a greater fulfillment of life.

We inspire others to lead a fulfilling life by participating together in athletic events, building relationships of trust and care, and opening doors to membership and inclusion in the communities we are active in.

Our goal is to provide a path for anyone, regardless of physical ability, to participate in outdoor events; from 5Ks to Iron Man distance triathlons, you’ll find us racing all over the country.