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AiT: Giving Back and Love Lost


My first race in 2016 with Athletes in Tandem was the BMO Harris Bank Phoenix Half Marathon this past weekend and was memorable in so many ways. Last year I had signed up to run with an athlete at this event and was planning to add a sightseeing trip to

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Racine, WI 70.3 Race Report

Racine 70.3 Race Report Lake Michigan was actually a pretty enjoyable swim even with the 60.6 degree water temp that was announced race morning. My heart rate didn’t spike, which it typically does in water under 65. A short warm up and an easy pace to start is all I

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IronMan Boulder – PJ and Dennis

“We suffer not because there is no joy in our life; we suffer because there is joy all around us that we fail to notice.” Elana Miller, MD Zen Psychiatry There was joy all around PJ and I this day that we witnessed, absorbed, cherished and celebrated without fail or

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